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Wobble Chair Therapy in Baton Rouge

Stretching arms at deskWhile the name may sound funny, a wobble chair can yield serious health benefits. So what exactly is it? Unlike traditional seats, which are typically stationary, a wobble chair has a round base that sits on top of a durable spring.

This enables the user to move in any direction while seated and fosters dynamic movement for an active sitting experience.

At Community Chiropractic, we use the Pettibon System Therapeutic Wobble Chair as a proven solution for keeping your spine supple and healthy, and relieving back pain. With 360° of rotation, side to side and front-to-back flexion, you can achieve all combinations of exercise motion.

This specially designed seat is an ideal warm-up tool for use prior to physical activities, or after periods of prolonged sitting.

What Are Some Benefits?

  • Helps heal bulging discs and tears
  • Warms up discs
  • Increases range of motion
  • Strengthens the core
  • Helps prevent injuries and stress in the lower back
  • Hydrates lumbar discs to keep them flexible and strong
  • Restores mobility
  • Delivers nutrients and discards waste

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wobble chair therapy?

This therapy involves using a specially designed ergonomic chair to improve balance, coordination and posture. The seat is crafted to be durable and move with the user, producing a sense of unsteadiness to help engage stabilizing muscles in the back and core.

How can the therapy benefit patients?

Improving balance, coordination, posture and body strength are some benefits of the therapy. It also increases proprioception (body awareness), which has been linked with an improvement in overall health.

Will I use the seat before getting adjusted?

Yes, before Dr. Wolverton adjusts you, we will have you do some warm-up exercises on the chair.

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