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Medicaid in Baton Rouge

A happy senior couple outside enjoying the sunshine.Medicaid patients will have access to chiropractic benefits. As part of a new experiment in Louisiana healthcare, Medicaid will begin to offer some chiropractic services through Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).

The program is just now being rolled out and will allow Medicaid patients access to care for the first time.

This does not apply to all Medicaid patients, only those in the program.

How Does It Work?

The MCO is an insurance provider who has elected to participate in this experimental phase by adding chiropractic benefits for their Medicaid patients. Five companies have opted in to the program; three of the five have dual Medicare/Medicaid coverage available. For those patients, Medicare will be the primary insurer; Medicaid covers the balance of services, based on your contract.

Two of the companies are not public; the largest is Louisiana Healthcare Connections. Patients will have to qualify for coverage with this company, as they only offer Medicaid, not Medicare. Covered services include adjustments, therapies, exams, X-rays, and similar testing.

A Worthwhile Experiment

As a new offering, the program will be assessed based on actual usage and cost, among other factors. Dr. Wolverton applied to the state for a Medicaid provider number to participate in the experiment.

He’s pleased to be able to offer his services to people who couldn’t otherwise afford the help they need. Even better, they can do it at no cost to themselves.

The insurance companies will pay the Medicaid bills, with the expectation of reducing overhead, by patients going for chiropractic care instead of utilizing pricier medical facilities, exams, and medications.

Take Advantage of This Opportunity

Medicaid patients, find out if you’re eligible to be part of this opportunity to receive all-natural, safe, and effective chiropractic care. Imagine achieving your health goals without drugs or surgery; let us help!

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