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Medicare in Baton Rouge

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At Community Chiropractic, we offer quality health care for our seniors with Medicare coverage. However, many people are under the mistaken assumption that Medicare pays for chiropractic care, when only the adjustment is covered. It doesn’t matter what care the patient receives, Medicare only allows payment for the adjustment.

Medicare replacement policies work the same way Medicare does. They won’t cover chiropractic care; only adjustments. The coverage may include a few extras in other areas, unfortunately not chiropractic.

Keeping Our Patients Informed

Don’t be fooled by what your agent or insurance carrier says when checking your benefits.

Medicare states the following:

“Medicare may cover medically necessary manual spinal manipulation (adjustments) by a chiropractor to treat subluxation, a condition where the vertebrae move out of their correct position. It doesn’t cover other chiropractic treatments or associated tests, such as X-rays or massage.

“Your chiropractor may recommend other treatments not funded by Medicare, or request tests, such as X-rays, before your treatment starts. In this situation, you are responsible for covering the costs of these treatments if you choose to proceed. You should check if Medicare covers them before you start treatment.”

On your first visit, there are additional costs—the exam, any therapies, and your copay, if you have a Medicare replacement policy.

Patients must be examined to determine what treatment is recommended and how that will help you. If you want to proceed with the recommended therapies, additional fees will apply.

We’re Here to Help

Be sure to call our office to help you navigate the Medicare rules. We’ll discuss everything you need to know, so there are never any surprises. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today!

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