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Pediatric Chiropractic in Baton Rouge

family smiling and huggingYou may wonder how an infant or child could benefit from chiropractic care. It’s important to know that the birth process is traumatic for a child. If vertebrae are out of alignment from the delivery, the sooner you can get your infant in for care, the better. Dr. Wolverton has been adjusting babies and kids his entire career, he uses gentle and effective adjustments.

What to Expect

We encourage parents to prepare their child for their first visit by being reassuring, and let them know that chiropractic is gentle and no shots are given!

Dr. Wolverton always seeks to establish a rapport with his pediatric patients to gain their trust. If you and your child agree to an adjustment, Dr. Wolverton will just apply light pressure. Kids aren’t adjusted the same way adults are.

Helping the Body Heal Itself

It’s important to understand that chiropractic doesn’t treat any medical condition, such as ear infections, colds or sore throats. Chiropractic care removes the roadblocks in the spine and nervous system, allowing free nerve expression. When that happens, the body can do what it’s supposed to do-heal itself.

Patient Success Stories

This one particular set of parents bring their young daughters in, one of them has a chronic pelvic imbalance issue. In addition to the obvious, the parents know it’s time to bring in one or both of them in when they start having attitude problems. The girl gets adjusted, and the attitude problem goes away. “Most kids will be healthier when they’re under chiropractic care than if they weren’t,” said Dr. Wolverton.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will an adjustment hurt my child?

No! Adjustments are extremely safe and gentle. With infants, for example, Dr. Wolverton only applies the same amount of pressure used to check a tomato for ripeness.

Do children need to come in as often as adults?

In many cases, kids can heal and adapt much quicker than adults. Most of the time, kids require less frequent care.

Can chiropractic help my child’s posture?

Because so many kids spend significant time on their digital devices, such as texting or watching videos or shows on their tablet, postural problems can develop. Chiropractic care and education, of the parents too, may help restore more desirable posture and critical movement to their spines.

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